Brandon and Gwen's Adventure

Brandon and Gwen's Adventure

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Huntsville Gun Show

Resisting the urge to make "tickets to the gun show" jokes I headed to the Von Braun Center here in Huntsville Alabama. The line to get in was so long you'd think they were giving guns away, not charging $8.00 admission. The folks running the show did a great job moving folks through the door quickly and smoothly. This was my first gun show and took me a minute to learn the strange viewing protocol. I stood by and watched as unofficial lines formed and began to move in directions that seemed to defy reason. Once I learned the steps to this new dance, and was finally able to stop stepping on toes, I found myself overwhelmed with all of the hardware surrounding me.

Gun culture is still fairly new to me and my greenness showed its head throughout the day. There were old guns, new guns, rare guns, antique guns, golden guns, the kinds of guns that women secretly dream about -there were a lot of guns. WWI and WWII memorabilia, Vietnam War era collectibles and weapons,  T-shirts, purses, jewelry, handmade leather sheaths and holsters, cheap knives, well made knives, well made hand crafted knives, hand crafted knives that may have been made while under the influence of meth amphetamines. The turnout was impressive, both in proprietors and consumers alike. Despite spending three hours there, I only spent $50. I only took a fee pics due to the massive crowd and the high level of concentration required to keep in step with the crowd.

Here they are:

There were 1911's abound. Every make, era or caliber you prefer, it was there.

The Nazi memorabilia was present at several booths. If I had enough money I would have bought all of it and set it on fire in the backyard. 

Twins! A pair of PS90's at $1,350 each. It would be a shame to separate them. Someone adopt both please. 

A "pre-banned USR" AUG. These are such cool guns. 

Here's what I picked up. An antique (sorry, hipsters, "vintage") straight razor: $10.00, and a Benchmade folder: $40.00. Trust me, the spending could have been much worse. The lock blade will be my new EDC and I will be restoring the razor so that I can stop flushing money down the sink with disposables.


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