Brandon and Gwen's Adventure

Brandon and Gwen's Adventure

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ten things I (Brandon) learned from our trip

1. You can bring too much stuff
2. Buy ice in blocks, not cubed
3. Gwen did not read the directions.
4. Buy a leatherman
5. It is possible to shower with one gallon of water.
6. Your jeep is more capable than you are.
7. There is nothing to winch to in Moab
8. Bring something soft to lay on because the ground is hard and you will be under the jeep.
9. Avoid the bumpy blue roads.
10. You can do Poison Spider on 31's

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Car Camping in Kansas

FYI Kansas has some killer storms. We chased this thing through Denver and tornado warnings and then wanted to get far enough from it to be safe camping. Well around 11pm (our time) we stopped in Colby, Kansas at a truck stop to sleep in the car. We opened up our table over the cooler and camping stuff and laid the foampad and sleeping bags on it. Brandon, being 6'2 slept in the middle with his toes on the dash and forehead on the back hatch window. I am sure the truck drivers were laughing as we crawled into the little space we had. I got clostraphobic so my head was just behind the drivers seat headrest next to an open window. Ninja looked frantic and pissed. She finally settled down in her carseat but may never forgive us. And now we are listening to Ace of Base "the sign" (you know the song) eating gas station donuts and coffee. Life is good ;) we both slept great!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vail, Colorado

I want you to picture this world class ski resort for a minute. Now place our loud rumbling, muffler-free, dirty red jeep driving through. Bwahahaha. Beautiful to finally see during the summer.


We couldn't stand the heat both day and night any longer, so we packed up and are headed to the Rockies.

Geyser pass

Nice and cool to escape the 90 degrees in Moab. Had a nice nap by the lake.

Monday, June 4, 2012

La Sal Pass

After a few too many hot days, we headed up into the snowy mountains again for some fresh, cool air.

The trees were truly magnificent! Unfortunately, some folks defaced many of them by carving their names onto them.

One of the many small water crossings we experienced on this trip.

Ten Pearls of wisdom I have learned

1. Learn to pee outside.
2. You are going to eat bugs. Get over it.
3. Your feet will always be a little dirty.
4. Utah only sells Mikes Hard Lemonade in liquor stores, so stop asking gas station cashiers for it.
5. Nobody cares that you are from the other side of the country, they only care about your cute dog.
6. Never use a "vault" or "pit" toilet" . Evil lives down there.
7. Bring Seinfeld series on DVD. You will run out of things to fight about.
8. Wave when you pass people on trails. You are a douche if you dont't.
9. Put your phone down, there's no reception here... Or here... Or over there.
10. Ice cold beer is heaven sent at the end of the day, so plan ahead.
- Gwen

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Playing Chicken!

Today we ventured out to Hurrah Pass and Chicken Corners. It was freakin' hot. We also lost out muffler and tailpipe which was going to hang proudly in our garage after being crumpled on steel bender. We are relaxing now and as you can see Brandon is double fisting ice cream bars! And Ninja has her head in the jerky bag. Some petroglyphs, cave homes, and scenery pics too! One more week and then we start our trek home!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Downtown Moab

Yesterday we walked around town and did some shopping. Moab really is a cute little town with Navajo and Western themed stores, hippie restaurants, microbreweries, and tons of tourist shops. Then we went to Arches National Park which was beautiful, but there were only five or so natural arches. Still very beautiful area out here. Pictures on my DSLR to come.
Today we are running some errands and will try to fix the bad sensor on the jeep. It is running really rich and hot, luckily I have a brilliant man with me
Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. -The Mechanic
The quote above just 'autotexted' in. And i can't remove it. So there is some wisdom for you.
It will probably rain today and you can really get in trouble with rain in the desert (ironic, right?) because the roads wash out and areas flood. We will stick close to camp.