Brandon and Gwen's Adventure

Brandon and Gwen's Adventure

Monday, May 18, 2015

Buffalos, Bears, and Boots: Wyoming. Here We Come!

Marry up and marry your best friend. It's the only way to go fellas. #blessed #islandinthesky

The year of effort it has taken to make the move to Wyoming happen has nearly come to fruition. We are now one month out until the big push to move "out West", and we couldn't be more excited. Our new home has been selected and boxes have begun to pile up on our spare bedroom floor at our soon to be old house. It feels good to know that in just a few short weeks the fresh air of Wyoming will soon greet us as we reach the next stage of our lives -and I can't think of anyone else I would rather be taking this adventure with than my loving wife.

It's only been ten years since Gwen and I first met yet I can't think of what life was like before we were together. Her beaming personality, support, and affection toward me has infused itself into the cracks of all past memories; leaving a positive mark on the once familiar ups and downs of life -she is truly my best friend. Of all the things Wyoming has to offer, the potential for adventure is what tugged at our hearts the most. But the appeal of returning to small town life is a close second. I grew up in small town Summerville, SC (pop. 8,600; circa 1980's).

It's now a booming city as business giants such as Boeing move into nearby areas. The last check of the U.S. Census Bureau website showed nearly 70,000 residents are now calling Summerville their homes. Gwen also grew up in a small town: Hilton Head Island, SC. As an island and golfing destination, most of the property is accounted for and the population remains fairly stable. Having lived in small towns as children one can imagine our excitement at moving to a city with a population of some 10,600 people.

Unlike many low populace cities in the U.S., Riverton does not have the luxury of tapping into the infrastructure of a larger nearby city. Other than Lander (which has a slightly smaller population), the next major city is well over an hour and a half away. This means no shopping malls, IMAX Theaters, or Zoos. I doubt we will be missing any of these things. Our shopping malls will be replaced by the farmer's market; the IMAX, by glorious sunsets and sunrises; and the cages and fences of zoos will be replaced by seeing animals both born and raised in their natural habitats (Like bears! Bears! They have bears! ...and Buffalos!!!). In preparation for moving to a new lifestyle, we have begun to prep our wardrobes. 

Wyoming is a much colder environment than we are accustomed to so one might assume we picked up some long underwear, thicker coats and at least some warm gloves -no, not the Libby's. Instead, we both purchased Cowboy boots and hats in order to assimilate ourselves with the local people -we wouldn't want to stand out too much, right? Of course not everyone wears these things anymore, but we don't mind being a bit cliché or a touch ironic. After all, we don't see much point in taking ourselves too seriously. It's going to be fun to arrive in town looking like a pair of giddy tourists arriving to a new land for the first time. It's only right that our outward appearance displays the inner joy we are feeling towards our new home in Riverton, Wyoming! 


We met this guy on our first trip up just outside of Thermopolis, Wy. he was so cool! PSA: I should mention, these are wild animals and should not be approached. We never left the car and our car never left the paved road. 

A few months ago, we visited the site of our honeymoon, Fontana Village.
On another note, our 7th wedding anniversary is almost here as well. I couldn't love this woman more!

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