Brandon and Gwen's Adventure

Brandon and Gwen's Adventure

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ten things I (Brandon) learned from our trip

1. You can bring too much stuff
2. Buy ice in blocks, not cubed
3. Gwen did not read the directions.
4. Buy a leatherman
5. It is possible to shower with one gallon of water.
6. Your jeep is more capable than you are.
7. There is nothing to winch to in Moab
8. Bring something soft to lay on because the ground is hard and you will be under the jeep.
9. Avoid the bumpy blue roads.
10. You can do Poison Spider on 31's


  1. Or also travel without refrigeration. We have done it for 6 years now. No... I don't drink beer and turned into a vegetarian! Simple Life... Sounds like you learned a lot. That never stops. Stay all well. Ara and Spirit

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Ara. It was good to see you at #ATQA on Twitter today. I've been following your adventures for a couple of years now on facebook. I had no idea that you had a Twitter account too. :)

    You and Spirit are quite the inspiration! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures, and awe inspiring adventures. Stay strong, stay healthy, stay adventurous!


  3. lol. Niiiice! We actually did multiple trails in Moab (Hells Revenge, Elephant Hill) in a totally stock XJ! Actually we ran Elephant Hill on brand new OEM tires...four full size spares collected from other XJs! =)

    Traveling in the Sprinter will be sorta luxurious but I think I'm going to miss Cherokee traveling a bit.