Brandon and Gwen's Adventure

Brandon and Gwen's Adventure

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Car Camping in Kansas

FYI Kansas has some killer storms. We chased this thing through Denver and tornado warnings and then wanted to get far enough from it to be safe camping. Well around 11pm (our time) we stopped in Colby, Kansas at a truck stop to sleep in the car. We opened up our table over the cooler and camping stuff and laid the foampad and sleeping bags on it. Brandon, being 6'2 slept in the middle with his toes on the dash and forehead on the back hatch window. I am sure the truck drivers were laughing as we crawled into the little space we had. I got clostraphobic so my head was just behind the drivers seat headrest next to an open window. Ninja looked frantic and pissed. She finally settled down in her carseat but may never forgive us. And now we are listening to Ace of Base "the sign" (you know the song) eating gas station donuts and coffee. Life is good ;) we both slept great!!!


  1. Well it does look cozy, sorry you were so cramped but I'm glad you guys got a good night's sleep. Get out of that tornado state asap!!! Nice rainbow, I saw one leaving Florence last weekend and was surprised since it's been a while. It's always raining when I leave Florence-can't imagine why. Have a safe trip home, love you guys. Mom

    1. Thanks Ma! It was very cozy... we were sooo sleepy!!!