Brandon and Gwen's Adventure

Brandon and Gwen's Adventure

Monday, June 4, 2012

Ten Pearls of wisdom I have learned

1. Learn to pee outside.
2. You are going to eat bugs. Get over it.
3. Your feet will always be a little dirty.
4. Utah only sells Mikes Hard Lemonade in liquor stores, so stop asking gas station cashiers for it.
5. Nobody cares that you are from the other side of the country, they only care about your cute dog.
6. Never use a "vault" or "pit" toilet" . Evil lives down there.
7. Bring Seinfeld series on DVD. You will run out of things to fight about.
8. Wave when you pass people on trails. You are a douche if you dont't.
9. Put your phone down, there's no reception here... Or here... Or over there.
10. Ice cold beer is heaven sent at the end of the day, so plan ahead.
- Gwen

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  1. Gwennie I really like your pearls of wisdom and I do believe we could apply them to everyday life! Glad to see things are great and the pics are magnificent. Luv, Mom