Brandon and Gwen's Adventure

Brandon and Gwen's Adventure

Thursday, May 10, 2012

First night camping...

We stayed at a KOA in Arkansauce last night, 'bout 13 miles shy of Oklahoma. It was by a lake and the tent area was nestled under some trees across a creek. We were busy setting up camp when we both said "where's ninja?". We called for her and then suddenly a large squabbling was heard about 150 yards away across the creek. We both looked and before we could even take a step in that direction, six large geese were taking off towards the lake scared for their lives and nipping at their webbed feet was our courageous and fierce 4lbs yorkie. It was a sight that couldn't have made us beam with more pride. She IS a real dog! She then calmly rock jumped across the creek and galavanted back to camp. All three of us slept like rocks last night.
We are now in Oklahoma enjoying blueberry poptarts and some air conditioning.


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  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast first night camping and Ninja is a fierce little girl, bless her heart! Brandon I see if I had a riding mower when you lived at home I could have gotten you to cut the grass when you lived at home! That is a huge backyard and I can imagine Ninja is exhausted by the time she gets from one end to the other. Well I hope that you and Gwennie continue to have a relaxing and enjoyable vacation and I am looking forward to more posts and pictures along the way. Safe travels. Love you guys, Mom P.S. I am glad you have a doctor with you on the journey. Smooches