Brandon and Gwen's Adventure

Brandon and Gwen's Adventure

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Red Cliffs Campground

Just outside St. George is this gorgeous recreation area with primitive camping. We climbed all over the rocks and Ninja chased ground squirrels and baby bunnies! There were dinosaur tracks in the rock too. The stars at night are so bright and dense here. And that's a picture of the wine glass Brandon made me :^) This place is one of my all-time favorite campgrounds!
- Gwen

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  1. I can see why they call it Red Cliffs Campground. Lots of red clay. I bet Ninja is missing the water and the ducks. Love the wine glass, good job Brandon. Is it possible to take pics of the night sky? I bet it's so awesome that it is overwhelming! Side note, Blue was biking through Philly yesterday and was hit by a car, hit and run, lots of bruising on his left side, esp the hip and a neck brace but other than that he'll be fine. He was wearing his helmet, I'm happy to say. Anyhoo, ya'll continue to enjoy your time off and give each other a kiss for me, Love ya, Mom